Many customers have asked us, what makes our jeans 'butt lift'..

- What makes them butt lifting is basically the cut/design, the stitching is different compared to other jeans, same as the material, these are thicker, so it helps lifting your butt and holds it nice and tight, the material is really stretchy so it molds to your body shape nicely accentuating your curves, they come with a wide waistband so you can hide that unwanted belly or just make your waist look slimmer so your bum can look pretty, round and bigger!

How to look after your butt lift jeans?

- It is always recommended to wash jeans by hand inside out, specially if they have rhinestones and to also not hang them straight under sun light. Try to avoid dryers too and don't bleach.
Remember, if you look after them, they will look after you butt for a very long time!

It is also said that instead of washing them you can freeze them instead for one day! Might be worth giving it a go...

Can I purchase an item but send it as a present?

- You can definitely purchase an item from us and we will happily send it to the designated person, at checkout just type in their details, full name and address, and leave a little note to us that is it an actual present so we do not send the invoice to them but to you.

I put down the wrong address at checkout, can I fix it?

- For sure! just contact us as soon as you realize you made the mistake and we can fix it and send it to the right address, no stress.

Can I pay with cash?

- Yes! if you come for a fitting appointment, you can for sure pay us with cash.

Can I buy a big quantity of jeans but pick them up to avoid delivery fees?

-Of course you can, we will always go above and beyond to help you out and make your experience with us as comfortable as we can.

Can I come for a fitting appointment but arrange Afterpay?

-You can definitely do that! we will guide you on how to set the Afterpay payment when you are here, we do not want money to be an issue if you want to rock your best features with our amazing jeans ;)