Being a woman is not easy sometimes, we are always trying to look good while we have little time to spend at the gym or we do not have the will to follow a strict diet, what do I wear? what are the clothes that can make me feel sexy and comfortable at the same time? because it always seems that those two words cannot combine in one clothing.

As women we have enough pressure everyday and on top of that we have the pressure of how we look, for example, if we become mums we need to have our pre-pregnancy body back almost immediately after giving birth otherwise we 'are lazy or do not after ourselves', we have the pressure that if we put just a little bit on weight we are irresponsible because we do not care about our bodies! I must say NO! we do not have to listen to all that,  let's take advantage of what the fashion world gives us... as women we have a huge range of different stuff to wear and combine and it is available for women with any type of body, for example jeans, jeans are perfect for any occasion and body type, most of the time it depends on what you combine them with that will make the difference on what the occasion is.

I started wearing these type of jeans many many years ago, to be more specific, in my teenager years, but I must admit, back then they were mostly plain, sexy but plain denim, not like today, that we can find them with so many cute rhinestones or designs that can make us look so different from the rest, isn't that what we want? to look and feel different? to feel you are wearing something comfortable AND sexy, now they come in different colours too, they are just perfect, and on top of that they help us look nice and curvy, without having to kill ourselves at the gym, do not get me wrong, yes it is important to exercise BUT this is a perfect gift for when you really do not have much time, because what if you went overseas for few months for holidays and cannot go to the gym? or you want to be able eat whatever you want while you are away? yeap, that is why when I started wearing them I haven't looked back, I have gone from chubby-skinny-toned-chubby again and so on, and I would always find a pair that would just fit to my body shape!

And now we are here, trying to help other women to feel amazing just like me, with some nice pair of jeans or any other item that we think would be so wonderful to bring to you, so you can start enjoying more and stressing less!

5th June 2017

Want to wear jeans for work?

Being at work does not mean you cannot wear jeans at all, the secret is to know how to combine them with the perfect match!
Make sure your jeans are plain denim, try and avoid them to have rhinestones and if you can try and avoid them to be ripped, since these will make them look a bit informal.
Plain denim, plus a nice one coloured shirt and a blazer, should do the mix, you can add your favourite accessories, like earrings (hopefully studs), bangles, bag, even your shoes can be either high heels or flat, you will look amazing either way, and perfect for work!

7th June 2017

Casual look with jeans.

Want to get that nice casual look with jeans? You can have any style you wish, ripped, with rhinestones, with decorative back pockets, two coloured, etc...combine them with either flat shoes or high heels, a shirt, a blouse, a blazer on top, the secret for this look are your accessories, and your top depends on the occasion, there are casual for dinner, casual for a day out with friends, casual for a date and so on, you will know what looks good on you when the time comes to pick your perfect outfit for that moment.


17th September 2017


Jumpsuits are great to show every cm of your curves, they will support and hug your whole body, they are perfect for a night out or a casual event! and the best thing is that you do not need to find a top to match them! they are ready to go... the one thing though is that many women are too shy to wear them, but really, it is time for us to show what we got! and nothing will giggle LOL but if you really do not want a tight jumpsuit there are ones that are not, here, a perfect example with our gorgeous and sexy JLO!