High Waisted Jeans - Red

High Waisted Jeans - Red

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Red with black messy lines high waisted butt lift jeans

*high waisted to hide unwanted tummy, giving a corset effect
*butt lift technology
*skinny leg design
*gold details on back (waist level)
*black rhinestones on side of waist
*black rhinestones on front pockets
*they come with zip
*stretchy fabric for better comfort
*sexy lace on side of legs
*no back pockets to show off your butt even more
*black cracked design along them.

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We recommend the following as washing instructions:

-always wash your butt lift jeans by hand
-wash them inside out, specially if they come with jeweled details
-don't let them dry direct under the sunlight
-don't tumble dry
-don't bleach.

Remember, if you look after them, they will look after you butt for a very long time!